About I Job Asia

I Job Asia is a business outsourcing company that helps your business gain an advantage in today’s competitive market by taking care of your non-core business functions and operations, letting you focus more on productive activities.

At I Job Asia we take pride in sourcing and recruiting highly qualified applicants to ensure the right match with your business needs. Every applicant undergoes our intensive screening process and must sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement before hiring. You will have only the best candidates available. All our employees are English speaking, mainly based in the Philippines and are qualified to degree level at minimum. We pay our full time employees market-leading wages ensuring total commitment to their work and your success.

Employing your staff through I Job Asia enables you to eliminate many of the fixed costs that are contributing to your bottom line such as non-productive administrative costs, government taxes, levies, social, benefits, training, unemployment insurance, etc. Outsourcing will also remove many of the burdens associated with changing your current structure.

Outsourcing your business functions has already been proven to be safe and reliable. With assistance from I Job Asia, you will have no difficulty choosing the best employees to meet your company’s needs. These individuals exhibit professionalism, high competence, flexibility and dedication to excellence.

I Job Asia can help you create a customized plan specific to your needs. This could be a true partnership with our employee, either by fully integrating them into your business or simply as a service, having us advertise, screen and recruit on your behalf.

At I Job Asia, your satisfaction is our guarantee. We will help you to make your business more successful.

Contact us now to discuss your needs. Let us provide you with a quotation for your required services from I Job Asia.