I Job Asia Business Process Outsourcing Services

At I Job Asia, we specialize in providing you with professional outsourcing services .Small businesses and startup companies are our specialty. We will customize any of our services to match the uniqueness of your business requirements.

We offer the following professional services at I Job Asia:

Personal Virtual Assistant

Assistant SERVICES
Hire an expert Virtual Office Assistant dedicated to helping you deal with marketing, bookkeeping, and administrative tasks from a home office. At a substantial lower cost, you can build an infrastructure for your business activities without the need to hire more high cost full-time employees -- a great solution for your small business needs.

Data Encoders, Data Entry

Data Entry and Encoding SERVICES
Let your business focus on more productive tasks and leave all your data entry processes to us. We can deal with a wide variety of inputs ranging from printed and scanned materials to hand written documents, PDF, and image files. We deliver any desired output within your specific timeframe.

Data Mining Services

Data Mining SERVICES
Capture huge amount of data from different websites and numerous sources in a cost and time effective manner by hiring our team of skilled Data Miners and Encoders, giving you the results in any of your specified formats such as CSV, MS Excel or MS Access.

Web Design and Development

Make your business visible on the Internet. We offer a professional web design and development theming services for all your business needs, ranging from a simple site with just a few web pages to a very sophisticated ecommerce website design.

Search Engine Optimization Services

Search Engine Optimization SERVICES
Optimize your website for a better visibility in search engines. With millions of users doing billions of searches every month, grab the opportunity to offer them your business by having your website easily searched through search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Financial Services

Bookkeeping and Accounting SERVICES
For a smooth and successful functioning business, hire our Professional Accounts personnel and let them handle your business accounts and book keeping. They will give you the support and dedicated professionalism so often missing.

Graphic Design and Image Editing Services

Graphic Design SERVICES
Need designs for your logo, business stationary, flyers, or brochures? Get truly professional designs with our team of highly skilled award winning Designers. Newsletters, postcards, business presentations are just a few of the designs we produce. We deliver top quality work within any time constraint. We can provide 24-hour turnarounds.

Video Editing and Flash Animation Services

Video Editing and Animation SERVICES
Very efficient in using high-end tools and software applications, our team of skilled and professional video Editors and Animators deliver high quality services to meet your business requirements. Enhance your business results with us, using videos and animation to effectively reach your target market.

Medical Transcription Services

Medical Transcription SERVICES
Have your voice-recorded reports from your Physicians, Doctors, and Healthcare Professionals converted into readable and more understandable text formats by our team of highly capable Medical Transcriptionists.

Back Office Services

Back Office Services
Check out our Back Office services offered by our professional staff, which include Human Resource Management, Customer Service, Reservation Agents, Invoicing and Payment.

Web Design and Development

Have your website offer a high-level user experience. Our proficient web developers will make all features you require in a cost effective and timely manner. Whether you need a simple web form or something a little more complex such as setting up payment gateways for your ecommerce website. I Job Asia has the solutions.

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